Friday, 16 November 2007


Boxing reached the front page this week when the 'Birmingham Post' ran a story on boxing in schools. The article was pretty good to be honest unfortunately the journalist did the usual 'lazy journo' thing of going for a dramatic headline, and printing the view of the BMA first in the article to grab attention. The article is misleading as well, I am sure the BMA were contacted by the paper and asked their opinion, as they have never contacted the Birmingham City Council off their own bat and complained. Anyway, boxing moves on in the city, and we continue to do our bit in trying to give the kids something to do that will help them to become as good as they can be.

The good thing is several people in the city came to the sports defence, including our own Frank O'Sullivan and the former Chairman of the citys' Education Committee.

The bad thing is I think Frank is leaving his chin a bit exposed !!!